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IT Sales and Storage Consulting

From planning and design to sales and implementation, we help you gain measurable improvements in storage performance, scalability, and capacity while continually adding value to your existing investments.

In NAS / SAN storage, backup / archiving, we offer cross-vendor solutions based on proven and reliable products from well-known international manufacturers (hardware and software). However, there are two solutions where, based on our experience, excellent manufacturer service and project support, we have decided to mainly offer products of actidata Storage Systems (Tape Drives and Tape Libraries) and ProDevice (Demagnetization Devices and Disk Destroyer)

Our focus Partners:


actidata produces professional storage solutions based on Tape and Disk for any type of business.

We offer actidata’s LTO Tape Autoloader, LTO Tape Libraries as well as single LTO Tape Drives (int./ext./rack). Also, actidata's storage/backup server and NAS-Systems are in our offer.

Features of actiLib Tape Automation:
actiLib 1U LTO Autoloader, 8 slots, one LTO drive

The system is the ideal entry-level backup solution for small to mid-sized companies, offering up to 120TB of capacity in a compact 1U form factor.

actiLib 2U LTO Tape Library, 24 slots, up to two LTO drives

This solution is budget-saving in its purchase and operation, easy to install, user-friendly in the administration and enables unattended backup. Single library can backup up to 360TB and can be expanded to 72 slots and 4 LTO drives.

actiLib 4U LTO Tape Library, 48 slots, up to four LTO drives

This system can be combined with an actiLib 2U or another actiLib 4U library to increase the number of slots up to 96 and thus the capacity up to 1.44PB.

actiLib Kodiak 6807 LTO Tape Library, 80-560 slots, 1-42 LTO drives

The Kodiak is a highly scalable tape library which already meets demanding data protection and storage requirements. Fully extended system can backup up to 8.4PB with up to 113TB/h transfer rate.

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ProDevice produces professional hardware-based solutions to make magnetic media useless or to completely destroy the data structure.

arkicon sells or leases ProDevice systems and offers services such as professional, statutory destruction of data at the customer site. 

Among other things, we offer the following products:
- Demagnetizer (degausser) ProDevice ASM120
- Hard Disk Destroyer ProDevice MMD360

Advantages of demagnetization

The demagnetization process can reliably destroy all data on a magnetic medium - even if the media is defective and no software access is possible.

ProDevice ASM120 Demagnetizer (Degausser)

The ASM120 is an automatic degausser that generates a magnetic field with a power of 11,000 gauss at the touch of a button and enables the safe and effective deletion of data.

Compared to other devices, the ASM120 allows to activate (PrePaid) the specific number of erase cycles after which the device is automatically blocked. If necessary, the customer can recharge the device again independently over the Internet.

The following magnetic media can be demagnetized:

  • Hard disks drives 2.5" and 3.5" including mounting frames
  • All streamer tapes, e.g. LTO1-LTO7, DLT, SDLT, DDS, DAT, AIT, Travan, SLR, QIC, 3592, 3590E, 3490E 3480, 9840, 9940, T10K
  • Computer disks, audio and video cassettes (VHS, Hi8)
ProDevice MMD360 Hard Disk Destructor

The MMD360 Hard Disk Destroyer makes manual, light, and powerless disk drives useless and prevents re-use. The device is suitable for 3.5 "or 2.5" hard disks.

By pulling a lever, a hardened mandrel having up to 5 tons of pressure is drilled through the disk and thus punching individual holes in the disk. After this, the hard disk can no longer be read.

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