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We love tapes! Because tape backup is a reliable and proven method for data backup and long-term archiving.

Compared to other backup methods, tape backup is a cost-effective solution that offers high capacity and is easy to handle. In addition, the data on tapes is well protected and can be stored safely over a long period of time. Whether for small or large businesses, tape backup is a robust and effective way to back up important data and protect against data loss.

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About Unitex

Unitex Corporation is the world's only manufacturer of LTO tape drives with USB and USB/SAS (hybrid) interfaces.
Unitex Corporation is the world's only manufacturer of LTO tape drives with USB and USB/SAS (hybrid) interfaces.

Unitex Corp.

Founded in 1990, the Japanese company Unitex Corporation is the  world's only manufacturer of LTO tape drives with USB and USB/SAS (hybrid)  interfaces. The company specializes in the field of computer storage.

One of Unitex's best-known products is the LTO-USB tape drive - the LTO-USB is particularly suitable for companies and organizations that need to store and transport large amounts of data. In addition to the LTO-USB, Unitex also produces applications to copy, manage and archive data on LTO drives. The company has earned a reputation for quality and reliability and operates worldwide.

Unitex Products Unitex APPLICATIONS

Unitex products

Unite LTO USB  LT90H

Unitex Desktop high speed LTO USB/SAS drives

Unitex LTO USB/SAS drives keep your data alive and well by providing reliable, high capacity storage for backup, recovery, and archiving applications. Designed specifically for small businesses and workgroups, Unitex LTO drives are compact enough to transport from place to place and offer a very attractive price point.

Data can be securely managed and distributed by removing the cartridge from the drive to ensure absolute security from cyber threats. From hassle-free operation to effortless maintenance, Unitex LTO drives are designed to make life simple. Depending on capacity and interface needs, Unitex LTO drives can be supplied as LTO-7, LTO-8 or LTO-9 variants with USB or USB/SAS (hybrid) interface.

Unitex products features

  • The world's only USB or USB/SAS interface LTO drive that saves data to LTO by simply connecting to a workstation, notebook, or other USB devices like NAS systems from Qnap and Synology

  • Direct connection to USB Type-C and Thunderbolt3

  • Easy to use without IT knowledge - Data can be copied by drag & drop to LTO via USB connection

  • High-speed data transfer of 300 MB/s

  • Active protection against ransomware and other cyber-attacks through encryption and offline management of media by disconnecting from the network (Air Gap Deployment)

  • Compared to conventional hard disk storage, LTO tape storage causes up to 95% less CO2 emissions for the same amount of data

  • USB/SAS hybrid model can be switched between USB 3.0 and SAS interface depending on use

  • USB cable clamp prevents unexpected cable disconnection

  • USB plug-and-play connection allows you to connect and disconnect without stopping the server, making it easy to share and maintain multiple servers

  • Support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems

  • Support for the world's leading backup applications such as Archiware, Acronis, ARCserve, BackupExec, Veeam and many others

Unitex tape libraries are compatible with all backup softwares

Examples of use:

Archive in Broadcast/Video industry
  • Enable data sharing among different OS's with LTFS support.
  • Storage for large volumes of high-resolution video data.
  • Archiving of video assets such as films and VTRs
  • Meet the demand for archived media of increasing video data.
  • Pass and receive large amounts of data efficiently by LTO tape media.

Unitex Applications

Unitex LTFS3000 Application

This free application (included with every Unitex LTO drive) is very user-friendly and reliable, allowing long-term operation and all operations/management from a single GUI window.

LTFS3000 enables drag & drop data moving/copying/deleting from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, supports multiple LTO drives that can share a single system, data can be shared and exchanged in different operating system environments (Windows, Mac, Linux).


Unitex FASTapeLT Application

This LTFS Data Copy software enables the fast copying of large amounts of data such as video data to LTO tapes.

  • Confirmation the exact match of copy data by Automatic verify function
  • Simultaneous copy to maximum 4 media (destinations). Enables any combination of LTOs and HDDs.
  • Parallel job execution
  • The LTO replication function - the ability to duplicate an existing tape in LTFS format and create exactly the same backup. Management of the original tape and the replicated tape is supported.
  • Job history management:
     a) Searching for job execution history and confirmation of the detailed job result.
     b) Checking not only job result but also copy/verify result per file/folder at Job history management window.
     c) Confirmation of file consistency by checking MD hash value.
  • Report of copy/verify result - Output the result of copy/verify as a report. In the report, not only information of the copy source and the copy destination but also the result of copy/verify and error information are recorded.
  • LTFS hardware encryption - Encryption option using the hardware encryption feature of the LTO drive without slowing down the transfer rate. Decryption is possible without using Unitex's software.

Unitex ArchiveLT Application

Archiving software that enables high-speed archiving and retrieval on LTO, HDD and optical disks, as well as the offline management function.

ArchiveLT can also be considered an active countermeasure for ransomware by archiving important data on LTO tapes and managing it offline. This can minimise the security damage caused by malware and ransomware. And with ArchiveLT, one can easily restore the archived data if needed. ArchveLT supports different systems depending on the use, from the entry-level configuration with one LTO tape drive to the mid-level configuration with one LTO tape library.

  • High speed archive & retrieval - enables high speed data archive to make the maximum use of device’s performance by UNITEX unique data transfer algorithm. It enables high speed data archive to not only LTO drive but also various disk storage such as HDD, SSD, and Optical Disk Archive. In addition, ArchiveLT has many functions for handling important data safely such as simultaneous archiving to multiple devices, automatic verification after archiving, encryption of LTO tapes, etc.
  • Off-line management for the archived data - Data archived is registered in the management information, and it can be searched off-line. User cans check the contents of data and search your target data in less effort.  It cans register up to 15 any metadata for each archived data. For example, it cans easily make shelf management for lots of LTO cartridges by registering the location of LTO cartridge and data’s information in metadata.
  • Reliable Job History Management Function - Job execution results for the important datasets are automatically saved and can be reviewed in the Job History Management window.
  • Consistency check for the archived data - When data is archived with ArchiveLT, hash value of each file is automatically registered in management information. Consistency check function enables to confirm that there is no change in the archive data by recalculating the hash value and comparing with the hash value in management information.
  • Importing media management information from other software - The user can add media information created by UNITEX FASTapeLT or other software to ArchiveLT's media management information by scanning. With this function, media created by other software can be imported and managed offline.
  • Automatic archiving schedule function - archiving of data can be scheduled automatically, e.g. "Every day at 6 a.m.", "Every Friday". Regular backups can only be made with the first job registration.
  • Watch folder function - Enables the monitoring of folders and their automatic archiving when the capacity exceeds the set value. Also enables automatic start of archiving when the number of files is exceeded and when the specified file name is detected, thus saving storage space and reducing costs by archiving the increasing data, such as the recording data of a surveillance camera, on LTO tape.
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