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We build out your sales channel
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We enhance your effectiveness level


Backup & Storage sales and consulting
We advise and deliver the best Storage and Backup Solutions
Media & PR Services
We increase your brand awareness
Recruitment Services
We find the best IT EXPERTS for you
About us

IT Sales-Channel Consulting experts

We are experts in the build-up and support of sales channels

We have more than 25 years of experience in international sales and offer extensive know-how in build-up and supporting sales channel, channel marketing, IT sales (storage, backup, archiving), PR and Recruiting. We deliver high quality B2B/B2C services to national and international customers (IT manufacturers) to grow their business in a more economical and efficient way in CEE region. We help companies grow their business, optimise costs, minimise risk and provide immediate access to professionals specialising in IT sales, enabling quick and cost-effective entry and expansion in Central Eastern European countries.

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Arkicon helps you to develop your business

arkicon specialises in providing high quality sales&marketing consulting services to international IT vendors in the CEE region and IT consulting and sales in the storage, backup and archiving solutions sector.

Sales Consulting

We build out your sales channel

We provide complex strategy planning and expert advisory in channel strategy, design and execution with the goals of achieving substantive revenue growth and increased corporate value for our customers.

Some of our benefits:
  • Preparation of market analysis in the target markets, including competitor and sales expectations analysis
  • Strategic planning for the selection of the right sales markets including risk analysis
  • Analysis of product and assortment strategy
  • Project management and data analysis
  • Identification of optimal pricing
  • Creation of the communication strategy
  • Analysis and evaluation of previous partner sales activities
  • Selection and recruitment of potential partners
  • Support for partners (training, project support)
  • Development and implementation of business plans
  • Sales outsourcing

Channel Marketing

We enhance your effectiveness level

Our mission is to deliver project-specific information which support daily businesses of our customers. We provide a complete Marketing services across all sales channels - always focussed on the goal of generating a measurable increase in leads.

Some of our benefits:
  • B2B telesales / online marketing
  • Lead development
  • Channel support / Partner marketing
  • Preparation and execution of e-mail advertising
  • Preparation and organization of conferences, trainings, seminars for partners and customers
  • Participation in trade fairs and conferences as presenter / manufacturer representative
  • Translation and / or preparation of product presentations for trainings purposes

Backup&Storage sales and consulting

We advise and deliver the best Storage, Backup and Archiving Technology to you

Information defines your business, but it is also a valuable resource that you should protect.

From planning and design to sale and implementation, we help you gain measurable improvements in storage performance, scalability and capacity while continually adding value to your existing investments.

Some of our benefits:
  • Creation of individual storage concepts
  • Storage technologies - comparative analysis
  • Distribution of cross-vendor storage solutions
  • Marketable offers
  • Installation support in the following areas: Disk-, Tape-, SAN-Storage, Backup/Archive, Virtualization
  • All services from one source
  • Extensive experience in backup, nearline, SAN and NAS storage
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Media & PR Services

We increase your brand awareness

Proper brand recognition is the value we admire the most. And your partners and customers should think the same. Let us build the best marketing strategy combined with PR activities to make sure that your brand is well-positioned and recognized by your customers.

Some of our benefits:
  • Preparation and execution of press conferences and press tours
  • Translation services of brochures, documentation, articles, etc.
  • Complex marketing & PR strategy planning
  • Execution of mix-marketing campaigns
  • Establishing relations and communication with key IT media
  • PR support - social media, company spokesman, crisis management
  • Product and company launches

Recruitment Services

We find the best IT EXPERTS for you

We know your customer, your business, and your goals. We know IT sales experts and work with them. And we also know how to position best sales specialists across different markets. Let us know your challenges – we'll find the best employee for you.

Some of our benefits:
  • Requirements analysis
  • Candidate acquisition and selection
  • Assessment center with deep investigation of selected profiles
  • Employee integration
  • Specialization in IT sales staff
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